In search of infinity in numbers

Amir D. Aczel's Mystery of Aleph

Amir D. Aczel's Mystery of Aleph

We all know the story of Atlas and tortoise, or “you’ll never actually leave the room” paradox, or even God number of Phi. And I just more and more amazed by the stories of many great thinker, not just mathematicians or architects or philosophers in more than two thousand years of peeking the secret garden of God, even God Himself. One said that God is in numbers.

From the ancient Egypt, we are all (made to) believe that those civilization is our modern ancestor. From Phytagoras to Archimedes and Plato, all of them were obtained Egyptian knowledge and ‘magic wisdom’. All our nowadays knowledge came from Egypt. One of them is the magical world of numbers. Our computer only know two types of numbers that rooted back from Babylonian knowledge. And the logic of counting (and compute) came from routine problems in Nile river.

Must be  glorious days back then.

In Koran we learn that (our) God is who has no beginning and no end, it’s not surprise that we found the same meaning of God in Torah and Moses congregation – Jewish. It said that God is infinite being – Ein Soth. And the symbol for infinity ? Aleph. I am curious, is this the same Aliph  as in our Koran? Jewish is far more ‘mystical’ religion than our Islam. Their Kaballah, is a cult version of Jewish which pursuing infinity. Maybe in our version is like Syeh Siti Jenar.

So, Mathematician George Cantor found that the infinity can be found everywhere from any real number. He gave birth the continuous analysis which deal with irrational numbers. From this we derive the function for area, volume and geometry analysis. I cant believe for the first time I found Calculus is appealing!

On the contrary, discrete analysis is deal with rational numbers and most of them is within algebra operations.

Our mind plays trick on us if we think about infinity. Imagine on a line which has two points on it. If we name Zero and One, how far can we be sure how many numbers can be dense between them? In infinity, dimension is not matter. All dimensions will have the same direction point (vanishing point). It will drives us insane if we trying hard to pull one of God secret using our system of knowledge. Even if we grasp with our prominent language, mathematics. It happened to Cantor, Godel and others who spend their last life in sanatorium because tried to understand the infinity. Some secrets better keep unsolved, I think, because our system of knowledge haven’t reach that kind of responsibility.

Well, at least I understand more when they said life is not more than God illusion.


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