Blend with Python

I must build confidence to myself that Blender, indeed the most powerful and wanderful 3D application available today. It has amazing texture mapping system, rapid ray-traced rendering, (intuitive enough) GUI and most of all, Python. It has node-system like Maya, intuitive and shortcut-based command like SketchUP, and complete package from model, texture, animation, compositing, up to game engine.

All you need to build virtual environment is here.

I already mention that Blender support mocap data. Other thing that maybe, Blender can blend with Maya, because MEL (Maya Embedded Language) script can interprete python. So, speaking of how MEL could powering algorithmic architecture could possibly ported in Blender. Further, maybe python itself is more extensible than MEL. (go, find, examine).

Start to learn python maybe the first thing I have to do after I complete my master study.

Further, I will investigate python for handling large-scale variables, i.e artificial intelligence behavior for large set of agents. I don’t want to expect too much on this, but it will be python or others (VB in Rhino or JS or C++, oh no..). Please be kind to me, show your full power on this.

Blender+Python(form-genesis+behavioral simulation) = my charriot


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