Initial Questions on Algorithmic Architecture

I will begin with my ‘never-ending enthusiams’ in digital architecture. I will not depart from CAD-based paradigm. Instead, I will start my curiousity from algorithmic architecture(Terzidis, 2007), or in common language will be architectural-generated form and space by using algorthmic computing methods. My head also spinning by that sentence. From many books, I think now we will face new kind of architectural theory on how designer think. Architecture will not be designed but breed (kinda in Matrix, heh?). I am very interested in that kind of area. From theoretical realms such as : Terzidis, Oxman, Lynn, Frazer, Mitchell to practical tools such as Smart Geometries (Bentley System), RhinoScript (McNeel), Maya MEL (Autodesk), Digital Project (Gehry Technology- CATIA), GDL Script (Graphishoft) until new kid like Paracloud Modeller. All these tools strive to the power of algorithm to generate surface, form and space. The Generative Architecture.

Beyond all these hype, my intention is at the most basic  theory in architecture. I will list my questions as reminder to  find the answers as I am going to swim along of this ocean of algorithm-based architecture.

1. What is the correlation between architecture theories on form-making and digital theories on form-generating?

2. What kind of algorithms used for form-genesis? and how this methods represent new design thinking?

3. Is this a tools or new methods of design?

Not only as a form-generator, I will confront this new type of forms with new emergence kind of virtual simulation : behavioral-based simulation. How these new kind of architecture can be simulated using AI-based autonomous agent? Rarely research focus on this field. Most of them research on the  digital morphogenesis at one pole and crowd simulation and behavioral-based simulation on other pole.

I think this is very challenging and I am intrigued.


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