Why should we learn mathematic in architecture

Above statement is based on an obvious fact that in our history, (at least, in our Greek-onian legacy of this lifetime) architecture is one of the prime profession which is close related to mathematics. And now, more than two thousand years after first Parthenon built by Greek architect using golden ratio (some geeks doubt that though), what is new in mathematics in architecture?

Well, for me more than we learn how to count, how to measure, how to  proof something quantitatively. Architecture is far more divine than just by use such peripherial knowledge. I am thinking about design thinking and how it is related to computing. For me, we, architecture student, has long way forgotten in math. We just love how we do design just the way we did. Black box, copy-paste, cross-reference all in abstract thinking. Design is how we satisfied on the result brought by our pleasant mind, right-mind. Even in idle mind state, we still can get ‘idea’ (wow..what is that?). I am just too lazy to compute something while
I am designing. What for? design is about visual perception, isn’t it? No. it is not (anymore).

World of architecture now busy about sustainability, about low-energy, about efficiency, some noise come from how we can generate new geometries (Hey, we are always be the avant-garde for human civilization. We create something light-ahead our culture, we don’t care about form follow function or less is more).

For all that matters, we use computer. We develop methods how we told computer to compute what we want. How we suppose to perform such thing if we do not understand the language computers use? What is the language? Mathemathics.

I do not like mathematics. I must learn to like them.

I think I talk too much.


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