After Presentation

As this posting is published, I already come back in my lovely labo in my university. But actually I’d written by the time I came back to the Furstenhoff Hotel after my presentation at ED-MEDIA’08, so it was still relevant to write about whatever happen in Vienna on my 5 days of recharging my battery.
The presentation was run OK, at first I felt nervous – but it was the sign that I’d been prepared, haven’t I? So, it was not that frightening at all, everybody paid their attention while you were at front, couple of professors gave their comment and asked question and one of them asked for my name card for whatever reason. I just gave it away.
I also had opportunity to attend a presentation by a professor from IMIS-University of Lubeck, Germany. What was interesting about his research is Mixed Reality. How integrating tangible objects as interface for interactifity within Second Life. Nice guy, nice presentation, slow internet connection. (I just realized, my connection here in my lab is way faster than in TU-Vienna).

Last time I mentioned that in Vienna, people are unattentive. Well, they were attractive indeed, espescially their women. Mixed between Slovak, French, Germany, Czek and..Turkie.
It might be typical European on how they treated foreigners.
Some Asian attendees I’d met were still hold their customs. Toughtful and attentive. Whether they Japanese (of course), Thai, even Malaysian. But, thought of the host. Everybody else who was in charge or well, everybody here that I’d met seems bored and unattentive.

I thought their life must be so hard here and the way to get along with it was to be tough (with someone else).
I felt pity on them.

Vienna, absolutely not the city I want to spend in more than a week or so. Too many bored and ‘mind your own bussiness‘ people, too many people ignoring traffic light to pass by the street, too many rubbish on the street, too many blondies with thong.:-P
Vienna likely does not has friendly face.
(certainly, this subjective opinion is clouded by the fact that I live in Japan, with it’s most neat streetscape in the world).
In most of Japanese city or town, people do really care about how to be clean and neat, and how to keep it worked.
They maybe unattractive and boring and have bizzare fantasy about their world, but in most cases they very attentive and friendly.
At least I have to settle my life here.
This is my home, this is where my heart is.

Tapi, memang, tidak ada yang lebih nyaman selain tinggal di tanah air sendiri.

I miss my little princess so much.


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