What is Tenacity?

My friend gave me nice articles about how to become a Doctor, precisely, how to get a mindset so you can live in Graduate School. From Feynman, Pasteur, Newton, all the greatest told their story about their living (hell) in a  – not so real world – called The Graduate School.

(They said) you don’t have to be a genius to do well in graduate school. You must be reasonably intelligent, but after certain point, there are traits which become more important in determining success. Ya, among others, one of the main trait is called Tenacity.

Tenacity / tenacious (adj) : (from thesaurus.com) : persistent, viscous, tough, stubborn.

Tenacity means sticking with things even when you get depressed or when things aren’t doing well. You think your goal is worth the life? you stick with it. You think your research method is confusing? you stick with it. Your simulation or experiment is not as your expected?you stick with it. You think your research question is not that obvious enough? you stick with it.
Finally, you think your 3 years or more (JUST FOR) study is wasting your life time? you damn stick with IT.


Because, I want to make a living based on what that interesting to me. Not just doing daily job which are mostly ‘dull’. I want to build my own research center, get research funds, innovate something and get respect. (maybe…become professor someday)

That is why it will worth all my life.

I hope that reason is vaguely enough.


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