algorithm oh algorithm

Something funny about algorithm is…um..sometime you feel like  looking at something interesting from a distance. It is irritating because you have to go there but somehow you don’t  know how to get there.  It is NOT just about HOW to get there, but also…WHAT to make you go there.

It is maybe why they called it algorithm. The sense or intelligence to breakdown problem by examine it’s part into SEQUENTIAL  way of solution. The algorithm way I think is interesting because it always come with logic first. Linear logic. That is the difference with designing. Sometime, or most of time, it’s just pop-up in our head without reasoning. Best design not always come with excellent reasoning of what or how, but excellent computer program always comes with par excellent lines of codes.

This time my head spinning because of I had a  lot of algorithm thinking. Smallest problem become great challenge in algorithm way. Algorithm teach us to think structurally, sequential, thorough and complete. I am not birthed in a algorithm brain, I just love my design minded brain. But many people out there  gladly share their idle brain into something…algorithm. Completely different approach, completely different headache.


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