Um, ..this is strictly R-rating and don’t be judged by the poster, this movie has several positive critiques and awards. 🙂

What if somehow you could make time stop at a blink of your eyes. Everything is stop but you.

As a child I always had such imagination. Like when I blink my eyes, time slowed and I could do amazing things that will perceived as in a blink of everyone eyes. Really cool. Really? Is life itself based on time frame? or time frame dependent? Is there only one single time-frame for everything in this universe? Accordingly, there’s no such thing to free from it, isn’t it? We are all not time-frame independent. And (maybe) there is no such thing for alternate time-frame. We are all at the same run-time engine called life although everything has it’s own pre-function subroutine called destiny.

Why it seems that my imagination is nearly impossible to realize, even at the very distant future? I still don’t know what is the time? what is the empirical prove that time exist. We all know that time is exist but we never be able to examine by our known knowledge. If time stops does it means life stops? So time = life?

Anyway, this movie is pretty nice picturing what if someone (who always mourning) accidentally can stop time and start making the most of it to make him happy. Although the whole movie is about how to lose a girl and get over to get better life. At the end, it is always nice to get a romantic idea :

If you believe in frozen time, would you walk with me in the night when snow falls?


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