Letter to Asmarandhana

Dear Dhana,

I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe this is what being a father is meant to be. May the whole world suggest me otherwise as I and your mother are not under the same roof anymore. Again, you’re only three and at this point until God knows when you are able to read this and finally comprehend the whole world surround you.

You are so young, and life has yet take its toll on you, to throw disappointments, heartaches and loneliness and struggles and pain into your path. For this, be thankful. You are at a wonderful stage of your life. You will have many wonderful stages of life still to come, but they are not without their costs and perils.

I really hope to help you, my princess, along your path by sharing some of the best of what I’ve learned. To be your best friend, your brother, whatever you might threat me as you please. As with any advice, take it with a grain of salt. What works for me might not work for you.

Life can be so cruel

There will be times when you are met with disappointment instead of success. Life won’t always turn out the way you want and you can’t always get what you want. Instead of letting these things get you down, accept disappointment and learn to persevere, to pursue your dreams despite pitfall. You must always have dreams, my princess, that’s would keep fire within you.
You will also face heartbreak and abandonment by those you love. I hope you don’t have to face it too much because it will torn your entire life apart. But it happens. Not much you can do but to heal, and to move on with your life. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. Learn to use them to make you stronger.

Be open to life

Yes, you will find cruelty and suffering in your journey through life, but don’t let that close you to new things. Life still full of surprises and bless. Don’t retreat and don’t hide yourself off. Be open to new things, new experiences and new people.
You will fail many times but if you allow that to stop you from trying, you will miss out on the amazing feeling of success once you reach new heights with your accomplishment.
You might get your heart broken 10 times by those bastards, but find the most wonderful man in the 11th time. The best is worth the wait. If you shut yourself off from love, you will miss out the happiest times of your life

Love should be your rule

I made your name to be your inspiration on your journey through your life. It is one of the rule of life. You may hate me for my absence along your childhood, you my hates me for not foster you love as much as you deserve on your starting life. But let those consume my daily life already. I bear those as long as I live and when time comes, I give my whole life for you.
You must become strong by love you have inside, not by hate, grudge, and all disappointment of life you already have. It will reveals true you, not your mask. Love yourself as pure finest creation for who you are. Love for your curly hair as my legacy and love your big eyes as your mothers.

There are a lot more things but finally, know that I love you and always will. You are starting out on a weird, scary, daunting , imperfect but ultimately incredible wonderful journey. Don’t worry, not many child bless with perfect family and I assure we still will have perfect family next time. I will be there for you, just don’t give up hope on me.


Your Dad.


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