The One With eCAADe 2008

This is my full paper version submitted for the eCAADe2008 Conference, 17th-20th September, 2008. Hosted by University College of Antwerpen, Belgium.

eCAADe : Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe is an association of institution and individual with a common interest in CAAD. It regional association covers most of European countries as CAADRIA in Asia, SiGRADI in South America. Other collaboration of international associations are ACADIA and CAAD Futures.

After struggling to complete (roughly, complete) my entire work/project/thesis, finally I could end up with my full paper to be submitted to one of the ‘must submit‘ conference in my research field. This conference is one where people like me – designer by nature, architect by education and computer by interest, gather together – discussing, what is new in CAD, what has been wrong with CAD and what would we expect in CAD..well among other things perhaps.

This fulfillment foster my confident least finish my master study first (with already two international conference papers). I, then must begin to think what next on my study, what do consume my curiosity and perhaps, most important is, what IS my strength. A long harsh road with sharp cliff on each side is awaiting to be encountered. (Dhana my princess, wish me luck:-)

I, once again, alone at least.


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