La Tahzan

la tahzan

I never dream that someday I would read self-enlightenment type of book such this one. But there was a time like no other time and I would like to confess that this book is truly gave me second breath and push me back to where all my faith has been considerably abandoned for long time.

I think I am a modest and conservative man. I like to trust my inner voice although sometime it is not in harmonious environment with my mind. On the time like no other time where sadness was in utmost portion infiltrate my heart and soul, there was no one whom I could talk to or share to. It was the time when my entire life was on the bottom of the roller-coaster track. It was time when my only passion is living for a day. No plan, no hope, no one. Think of it as my whole previous life was a lie.

This book is no like other chicken-soup type as this one began with what Allah promise to whom suffered with His decision : there is always a better condition at the bottom of the bitter condition. Thou shall always keep the faith and passion on His way. Don’t be sad as this may lead to unfaithful life and ignite some other negative behaviors. We, Moslem’s is blessed with all passion to be the ruler of our own destiny. Don’t let sadness occupied our mighty heart and soul. Don’t let sadness be the cause we lose in our game in life – twice. There are so many live in life and so many life for living in. How do we ignore every spark in our everyday life that made us life? Of course, to become a human is to be sad. To be sense what had been wrong, to be introspect on what had happened, and to embrace all senses for such melancholic situation. The only responsible organ is the heart – the mirror for our soul.

Of course heart is my own universe. This book keep – in sense of active stabilizing– my heart from being more devastated from within. Like with shattered China, this book is a glue. Hope this glue become permanent someday and help to polish it to be shine again. Sure.


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