“Semi” experience

Semi – or seminar in Japan is mostly the same with other type of academic seminar we know. My sensei command me to present my research in his colleague seminar class. At first, I thought I will give kind of presentation in front of undergrads – well as such, it would not so difficult. Unlikely, that was a semi with undergrads and grad students (PhD candidate from Todai and Keiodai). I feel intrigue and excite. It is a first time in my life I can pose myself in my own mileu. Everybody talks about design computing, virtual environment, visual representation, agent-based system, new geometric generation method and so-on. It is so warm to be surrounded by people with the same interest. Well, at least I could learn much about how to start for my upcoming PhD study. (one thing : do not too sure about Javascript my mann..).
I feel I am getting nowhere. Too many information in the last 3 hours.

There is one other thing I could draw from my friend. She is PhD candidate from Todai and doing research about GIS and agent-based system in urban environment (I am not so sure about her topic). To her, it is still hard in the context of technical challenge to do research about design + computing. She learn hard to master Javascript as main tool, but instead her sensei prefer in using C. (Her professor is one of  architecture professor not professor in computer science). Sometime if you dive deep enough in programming, you barely see your research context as a whole big picture. At the smaller scale, this is what happen to me.

Other new friend of mine from Keiodai, also architecture student, want to study about new geometry generation using computer programming. Wow, isn’t that beautiful?. Recently, he is studying dynamic rendering method from Bentley system. I am eager to visit his laboratory in Keio University one day.

As a bless for today, I get opportunity to meet one other professor which is conducting research collaboration between architecture department and information technology department. He is doing some kind of VR system in architectural historic area.

I can’t wait to meet him.


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