Today I submit my thesis report outline
Today I lost my only-120GB portable harddisk

Well, things could be worse but I think I need to step back and loose a litle bit instead of starring in front of my monitor. Tomorrow, we will visit Tsukuba City. Helping my friend to do surveying for his PhD.
Tomorrow is going to be picnic day. Don’t think about HD, movies collection, TV serial collection (God,
I pray you, let me at least enjoy my life with movies).

Upcoming two months is crucial for my master study. Either I am out or I get my M.Eng and continue
to pursue PhD study. Nothing compare to that fear of facing final defend presentation (ya, I know, there
IS more to fear than this – and I got that one). After what happen to me on the last 5 years?
It is going to be like ..bungee jumping. I am not to say it is easy, it will not, but it will doable. (God I pray you to give me strength and persistent ).

Give me power also, to manage and control my feeling, to stay focus on what really mean to me –
to my new future  and to become better person.


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