Good Night

Sometime, just sometime, I just want to be bad person. I smoke, I get drunk, I get high – so high that it could leave memories far behind. Or, at least it was in my thought as a common guy. Or, is that anyway to remove spots in my mind ?

Later, I also thought it was ridiculous. It was cliche. But, I never done that. I want to try. Become bad is not bad idea at all (God forbid). Yeah, I am too darn rational. Too damn precious to do anything stupid.
There are many more terrible things and ideas available out there if I want to.
Somehow, I can keep my feeling down below. Although this heart has been crushed,
my future plan has been ruined, my future life has been shattered.
Just, suddenly I am sick of become tough guy. Why should I?

Sometime, just sometime, when this feeling come to the surface like this night and I am fragile, maybe
the best way is to feel this feeling.

Go on, hit me .

I am not afraid, with anything in this world, nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard.


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