Shape of Me

I had general health check-up today. It was the first time for me in Japan. At first I feel little anxious, particularly on my eyes. After about eight months starring continuously about 12 hours a-day on LCD monitor, sometime I think my eyes are getting tired.

But thanks God for your merciful. Thorough result showed that I am completely health. Physically though. My eyes condition, in fact, is above average. It means I do not have to wear any glasses (sometime it IS weird, all of graduate students wear glasses, …..well, the world is full of weird things isn’t it?).
My perspiration system, my digest system is OK.

I am 172cm/61cm, only 3kg below standard. Do not ask me why I loose my weight.

Men sana in corpore sano. The active body come from active mind (or, heart ?).


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