I saw weird movie today. It was Teeth. Imagine, the worst fantasy in every man’s nightmare.
It was not horror movie, nor gore and flesh+blood+psychomaniac one.

Just ordinary drama and kind of teenager romantic movie. But. There was a but.
It chills me to the bone.
I just don’t get how and where in the world this idea is coming from. Just brilliant.
(Rotten Tomatoes gives 81%).
Oh well, at least the message is clear for …AIDS campaign? or reduce sexual abuse?
Oh man, seriously. Is it true event? precisely, is this medical anomaly possibly happen?

There was Ringu, Shutter, Hostel, Saw, and other derivatives.
But this one would never easily be forgotten.
Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love sometime hurts.
This one, it literally does.

I have to protect my investment. 🙂


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