The One With Game Engine


The paper_aswin

This is the paper and presentation slide I have prepared for World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunication. EDMEDIA 2008, Technische Universitat Vienna, June 30 – July 4 2008.
This is big conference. There are more than hundred of papers from all over the world will be presenting, not mention from multimedia-related companies and keynote speakers from reputable universities.

Well, I am scheduled on Thursday, July 3, 11.25 AM at room 10 in TU-Vienna with two others (probably students – like me). I have 20 minutes for delivering presentation. Gheee, this is first time for me to speak out in front of…people from around the world. Actually, this is the second time, but…who cares.

What if my pronunciation sound funny? What if they don’t understand whatever words that come out my mouth? hehehe. Who cares? Just two Indonesian researcher (including me) in this conference. The other is from Sampoerna Foundation (I do not know). I won’t bring my laptop – I don’t have one – maybe I will make presentation using my PSP. Isn’t that what I am going to present? Game habit? hehehe

Honestly, I am nervous.

Not only by the fact that my research is currently under progress (what if they questioning about the result?) but also by my own judgment about myself. Am I too darn sure that digital game will revolutionize the way we learn? Isn’t it just because I loove gaming too much? Sure, video game is for those who smart enough to understand the way computer think. But it also could help us to understand many things that impossible to be sense in real world. Yeaa..right. Our upcoming age IS digital age.


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