My most precious moments ever

Beloved Dhana,
I know you would not able to read this yet. Someday you will, Papah hopes.:-)
I feel and carry this sin along my life for will not giving you perfect life you would expect to family
Papah had tries so hard Darling, the best of imperfect mine. So hard that Papah falls down so deep afterward.
But let Papah tells you one thing.
In the morning Papah watch you asleep – full moon face in peace and then watch you open your eyes for the first time you saw your Daddy after months. You smiled at me and at that time, Papah feels already rest in peace.
That the most precious moment in my life Darling.
Why were you so close to me on our entire weeks? I knew you and I were longing each other. I saw it in your big eyes. When I hugged and carried you all around, my heart-beat so intense so I could feel yours. I hope you feel the same feeling. When you cried at that time, I know that kind of cry, and I feel sad-almost cried with you. Because I know, I will not be with you again for long time. I just might hope that you will not forget me, your truly Papah.
Someday I will pay our lost time together Dhana, we will spend our times together just like those morning with Putri Malu flowers. Someday.
Please, always be happy as my young toddler. You are surrounded by people who love you so much.
Always be happy and always be good. Because only by that I always get my passion.


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