Texture & Lighting Baking

Le Coubisier (1923) once said that in the realm of architecture, the interplay of light and space has always played an essential part. Therefore, in a long road toward developing an immersive virtual architecture and its environment, the technique of how to transport virtue of light as the essence of architecture with high amount of light’s complexity (shadow, reflection, refraction) is always become important issue and challenge (Tamke, 2005).
Once upon a time there was rendering engine – mechanism to depict series of algorithm in computer graphic (model, texture, light, particle, kinematic, special effect) for particular purposes (still, animated). In the lighting world, there always be inovatives technology evolving through years aiming to represent the most realistic way yet effective in term of computer processing. Light is always paired with shadow, likewise for its technology : Shadow-mapping, Ray-tracing, Ray-casting, Radiosity and Global Illumination. All attempt for the best result in the world of computer generated imaging.
However, the more complex scene means more geometry and with light added to it, it means more rays to calculate and will end to more time to render. Imagine in real-time (not animation) environment, like in game environment. We don’t have time here – the light and shadow must be there in a perfect, dynamic and – near realistic way. No way for delay or drop-frames.
I just face this problem with my city environment. As geometries and tectures grow, I begin to search which is the suitable technique to repesent my city in realistic- yet effective way.
Texture and lighting baking is currently one of the most reasonable approach. It render all physical aspect of an object (shading, light, texture, shadow, bump) in to a single texture and could be mapped on certain object using UV technique. Technical article of this is from Blender-Wiki, Covington, and many other resources including video tutorial in Youtube.
At first attempt I found that it is useful enough for reducing computer’s load but also I could not found how to tweak shadow parameter to get near – Ray tracing shadow. Even better, to get result near – Radiosity scene.


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