Blender and Unity3D Game Engine – Animated Game Component

Another reason to develop virtual environment using game engine is the ability to incorporate animated characters and game components such as vehicle, animals. This figures give such real condition of particular urban setting. For example, traffic condition, people walking, etc. I look another example of city modelling, most of them doesn’t not actually put this living things in their creation. Instead, the focus is mostly rely on the morphological aspect of urban setting. I do not know why, maybe I will find out later on.
There are two types of animated game components :
1. Pre programmed/ pre-animated component ; this is what I am dealing know. How to create simple animated model (i.e moving car) in Blender and put in the Unity3D. I am not ready for rigging-type animation yet (i.e people walking).
2. Specific purpose animated components ; this is what I am going to explore in Unity3D. How am I going to do animated day-night in my game environment?, animated wind flows and other natural causes?. Other is how to animate particular meshes so it could be controlled by user? i.e demolishing a building and replace by other meshes.

So much idea, so much possibilities.


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