Winter Holiday


When was the last time I am actually pause in the winter holiday?..well, new year holiday? Could not remember. Back in 1997, I was lurking behind my drawing board, tried to finish my final project while all my friends got party all night (That what new year’s eve was all about, wasn’t it?). And now, at ten year anniversary, I am still behind my desk stumble with Blender and Unity, try to figure out what my professor give me to. At this time, Christmas break means get acquittance with Blender. I am not familiar with her, nor like her. But something in her make me curious. Like George.
(Who’s George? …Curious George).
At first sought, I thought Blender was kind of complicated. It such like she meant only to those who programmed her. Not for everyone’s use. With awkward GUI, lot of shortcut to memorize, it was so hard even just to manipulate simple object. But when I begin to walk on to those harsh road, I think I am getting to know her. Her like and dislike, her attitude. Well, not as well as I know SketchUp but it is a good start for both of us.
Well, with a lot of coffee, potatoes chips, broadband internet connection, PS3 and huge HD monitor, I hope this break would not be as pity as I thought.


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